Property Management Services

The mechanics of real estate management are easily defined. The object is to protect the owner’s investment in their property by properly maintaining the physical structure, protecting the financial integrity of the property, and providing for the comfort, safety, and welfare of the residents.

The manner in which services are delivered vary depending on the systems employed by the specific management firm, and the level of desire and the commitment to achieve the owners’ objectives. We at Professional Property Services believe that each property is unique. Therefore, we do not restrict our clients to canned services or programs. Instead we work with our clients to identify their goals for the property and to design the most cost effective and comprehensive management program aimed at achieving those goals.

Professional Property Services is able to provide a wide selection of cutting edge property management and financial services. We have the ability to adapt our systems and programs to fit the individual needs and goals of property owner. Our management program may be completely tailored to be compatible with your specific needs.

Consulting Services

For those Cooperatives and other non-profit owners that already have a management team in place who meets the day-to-day needs of the Owners, but does not have the experience or training to meet a difficult or one time challenges facing the organization Professional Property Services has the solution.

Our consulting services will bridge this gap and provide Owners help in a number of areas including:

1. Mortgage Payoff and Refinancing
2. Construction Management
3. Board and Membership Training
4. Financial Review and Recommendations
5. A Transitions from Subsidized to Market-Rate Organization